Well i have developed general ledger(Accounting application)in vb6 .now i have to refine it i want that suppose there are 6 computers.
so i want is database will be located only on one computer which is known as server and other 5 computer will act like client only front are end are installed on them the problem is that what modification i have to done

There might be easier way, but I would use ODBC. Set up an ODBC source on each of the computers (Start -->control pannel --> Administrative Tools --> Data Sources). In there you can set the IP address of the computer that hosts the database. If your VB program does not currently use ODBC you will have to change that too.


What is the database back-end u r using?
If u have done coding without creating the ODBC, then
Changing the connection string will do.
Tell me the datasbase, What data objects u r using in VB?
if possible paste the database connection here.
i will give u the Connection string.


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