What exactly is Safe Perl and is there a place where you can find ready made Safe Perl compliant scripts?

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Been a while since I've heard anyone uttered the words "SafePerl." :) What it boils down to is it's a restricted version of the Perl language where your scripts can't screw up the system is running on. Lots of things are limited. It's used in schools. If you're going to develop an app, I recommend regular Perl, mod_perl, and Embperl for your apps. That is if you MUST do something in Perl. I would never recommend anyone to do anything in Perl unless it's a system script where a lot of text parsing is needed. The only thing I like about Perl is how it handles files and its regular expression engine. Everything else sucks for me.

Anyways, here's some basic info on SafePerl:

SafePerl is pretty much the same as regular Perl but restricted. There really isn't a central place like CPAN for it because it's not as popular. If you want to find some premade scripts I'd only be giving you a google result so you can search them yourself. :cool:

I think perl is a perfect language to write apps in. The GTK API for perl is relatively simple, and if experienced enough, you can combine that awesome parsing/reg exp power of perl with a GUI and you have yourself something nice.

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