I'm looking for a lazy loading solution in c#.
The idea is, to have a kind of object factory, which will be responsible for creating my entity objects.
When a property of such an object is accesed and it is not yet loaded, the factory
(or a magic watcher) will be able to pause the execution flow for a while (maybe that step is not necessary)
load the missing data (don't know how to specify, from where to load that data----maybe via attributes) and
return to the flow.
My entity objects, do not have a possibility to load the missing data by themselves, because they
are only data containers having private members, which are accessible via public properties.
These objects need to be filled with their data from outside, and therefore many lazy loading solutions
won't work here.
Maybe anyone of you knows the solution for my problem?
Thank You in advance!


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I think he wants help with implementation of the whole system itself, not just sleeping the thread....

Maybe you could be a little more clear on how you want this implemented and such...where the data comes from....what type of practicality does it have...etc. etc.

~Tyler S. Breton

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