Does anyone know how to insert data into a database from a website?
I have created a Registration form for users to register to my web site. With this I would like the data they have entered to be stored in a MySQL database. I have created the a form and used the record insertion form wizard. When I inserted a form, I enetered a name and the method was POST, but it also needed an action. How do I write in java that it needs to be inserted into the database?
But when I press on the submit button, it goes to a page saying the website declined to show this page. The most likely cause is the website requires you to log in.
What am I doing wrong?
The database is set up correctly, however the log in information is not storing but I want them to register first then log in every time they come to the site.
If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated,
thanks Lou.

Your data won't magically make it to the database just because it's there.
You'll need to write code to put it into the database.
There are many ways to do this, but as a beginner you should start out learning the basics and that's JDBC.

There are quite a few tutorials about it, and many good books have a section dedicated to it (of course there are also dedicated books specially for JDBC).

Would I insert the following statement:-
String insert = "INSERT INTO people(firstname, lastname, email, password) VALUES(?,?,?,?)";But where should it go, so it would insert data into the database when I clicked on the submit button?Thanks Lou

you'd supply that to a PreparedStatement which is executed on a Connection.