hi...can anyone give advice, tips, on how will i come up in developing the antivirus software coz i dont have any idea.. im know core level in assembly and i haven't tried using the it.. i have had a hard time learning it.. actually i want to create a project.. i know other languages but only basics not a good programmer in other languages.. i know c,c++(upto pointers and b-trees),java,shell programming,prolog,socket programming..
please give me some guide, advice or tips on how the scanning for viruses works in the program..
i would appreciate your help.
thanks a lot..:sad:

First learn to be a very GOOD C/C++/Assembly programmer instead of a poor one (which you yourself admit to being).
That should take about 10 years, during which time you might be able to learn a lot of the skills needed to create something that detects malicious code.
Antivirus firms should be able to provide you with the rest when you get a job there.