I have problem with plus. i couldnt get right total number!
And also I ld to know how to store all list of total number. coz i ld to compare them wh is biggest and smallest.

int n = 0;
  //vector<int> v;
  //int scores[n];

	for ( i = 0; i < 3*n; ) {
	cout << "Hand #" << n<< '\n';
		for ( int j = 0; i < 52 && j < 3; i++, j++ ){
		cout << deck[i].suit << deck[i].face <<" ";


S5 HK H6 total 6 //K worth 11,:surprised

I take it no one has pointed out the last paragraph of the Rules yet.

I also seem to remember mentioning you have to give us information about what is wrong and enough information for us to understand the problem. You didn't do that again.