Hi, i dont know <<edited profanity>> about C. But maybe you can help me in some really light coding (i think).

I want to do a plug in for any RTF editor, like wordpad, in which User-Defined Keywords, are highlighted. In this plugin it will also be possible to save and open cfg files. :mrgreen:

Uhh... I don't know that writing plugins for Wordpad or any RTF editor is really easy. And you can't just write a general-type plugin, you almost always have to write a specific plugin for an editor.

Furthermore, the editor has to support plugins and will usually provide an SDK for you to use if you want any chance at all of completing the project. I can't find any plugin support on the web for Wordpad, so I'd say it's pretty safe to say it's unsupported. So then if you want to write a plugin for a specific editor, you'll have to google it.

I wouldn't try it unless you really, really have to.

Hope this helps

In this plugin it will also be possible to save and open cfg files

There isn't a standardformat for CFG files, so you can't write 1 plugin for all of them. Most CFG-files are just TXT-files so you can just open them with notepad. But some are not.

Regards Niek

Well, yes, that i know. The kind of cfg file iam using is only text. But I plan to distribute this plug in, so i want a neat and complete plug in. But if it is 2 hard 2 do. Then I will have to refuse to this idea.

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