Here it goes:

1. Write a C program to calculate the value of x for
the given formula of quadratic equation.

2. Write a C program to calculate the petroleum
consumption. It should assign the distance travelled
in km. and the amount of petroleum used in litres and
compute the consumption in km/litre. Write the pogram
so that the output would look like this:

distance litres used km/litre
____________ ___________ __________
____________ ___________ __________
____________ ___________ __________

3. A sequence of 5 temperature readings from the user
is read . Write a C program that would convert the
temperature readings from degree Celsius to Farenheit
and will get the average from both readings.


The short answer:
Help = yes.
Do the whole thing = hell no.

The Long answer;
What AncientDragon said.