Is there any way to get the python interpreter installed on a thumb drive? So that I can edit some programs while at my work, where I'm never on the same computer twice, so installing on each machine isn't as pratical as the thumb drive.

Just anything that would let me alter and run python programs from a thumb drive would be fantastic, thanks for any and all help guys.

Re: On a thumb drive. 80 80

There is a product out there called Movable Python for USB Flash Cards. Used to be freeware, but has turned commercial (costs just a few pounds) as of dec2005.
Also known as "Python On a Stick" (it is for windows only!) ...

Re: On a thumb drive. 80 80
I went to one of your links and found that. A free moveable IDLE which is perfect. The only downfall is every time you start it up it asks you if you want to try the one that costs money. Any way to get rid of that?

[edit] Actually, a better question (because I can live with that question each start), is there a way to get wxpython added to that somehow? I want to learn wxpython.

Re: On a thumb drive. 80 80

MovableIDLE is a nice free product from the MovablePython folks, but its sole purpose is to advertise their commercial product. You might have to put up with the small ad-window that comes up when you start it. It's still a very nice product to show someone how Python code works, without installing Python. It does contain Python24.

The commercial package of MovablePython contains Python25, wxPython and a lot of other good stuff. Maybe someone can give it to you for your birthday. I don't think you can add wxPython to MovableIDLE because its looking for the installed Python.

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