I have a very difficult problem.Perhaps a good Java programmer can solve it.
I want to open a Java chart (it can found on www.wdsoftware.com) not from a computer but from a PDA.I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Loox 720 (520Mhz CPU,128 RAM,64 ROM).I use Netfront 3.3 with JV-Lite2 as web browser(it has real java capabilities).The problem is that it can open a small chart like this(http://www.wdsoftware.com/stock-chart-demo--1.php) but it can’t open one bigger like this http://www.wdsoftware.com/real-time-stock-chart-demo--1.php (this one blocks the browser).I installed on my PDA another jvm’s like J9 from IBM, Creme from Nsicom, Jbed ,but nothing work.
Analysing the code of the charts I noticed that the bigger has more classes than the smaller and I think that jvm for PDA doesn't contains one or more from these classes. What say, exist any solution?It is very important for me so,please, give me one.
Thank you, in advance!

There isn't any solution. JME is limited in scope and indeed contains only a subset of JSE.

Your best bet is to use another way to create the charts and send them to the client as graphics.
An excellent library is JFreeChart, which can be used to create any charts you want (you will have to feed it the right information of course).