Well, I guess I'm just here out of curiosity. I would like to know how one would go about outputting an image file.

I thought that maybe you could declare an ifstream , and try to read it in, but I don't know how I'd go about that either... Any ideas? My programs would be a lot more interesting if I got to put in some graphic designing, instead of pure command line.

Thanks a lot!

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Well, first of all, you'll need to figure out the image loading. Every image file format I know of is contained inside a binary file, and each has a special way of reading it. I recommend wotsit for information on reading in image data.

Outputting images is another matter. If you're using the console, you'll need to use API calls to set pixels, and your images won't look exactly... pretty. If you want them to look good, output them to a window, which you can then use the Windows GDI (assuming that's the platform you're programming on) to draw the images to the screen.

Well... I killed windoze. It displeased me greatly. I can look into it on google, and in adept, but any Linux tools available?
(I always come here first, because it is so much easier to get help from real people, not web pages dated three or four years back, if they even exist)
I didn't realize I would need a separate tool to read in images. Not to mention I don't know the first thing about GUI programming; I've never gotten that far...

You'll want to use the Xlib library to for windowing on Linux. Especially check this link:

And no, you don't really need a seperate tool for reading in image files. All it takes is a function that reads the file and returns the data retrieved.

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