Hi! I am working on a project in which I have some variables & I have assigned certain default values to those variables.Output of the project should be somewhat like as shown below :-

a = 10 b = 20
c = 1 d = 4 ... & so on

Now I want the cursor to be under 10 initially & move from 1 value to another when the Tab key is pressed & User should be able to change the values if he wants to. If the user wishes to use default values, he should be able to press enter & the default value should be set for that variable.

This is the kind of screen I want but i cannt seem to figure out how this could be done in C++ without using graphics. I dont know any commands to move cursor on a place where already some value is written. Please help me solve my problem. Any types of suggestions or ideas are welcome.

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You have to control the cursor which is not something that Standard C++ can do. This takes commands that are system and/or compiler defined. And they are optional so they might not be defined for your system.


It is fine even if cursor just moves between numbers & accepts whats written over there or defaut value if 'enter' is pressed.

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