I'm still new to python and need some help writing a program. I need to write one that runs a *.exe and then checks some timings in it. There are 3 numbers ranging from 0<1000 that are hidden in the *.exe(app.exe). If the script runs the app.exe and then runs the numbers 0-1000, when the right number is reached, the app.exe slows and then moves on to the next series of numbers. This sequence is repeated 3 times until all 3 numbers are revealed.
I'm thinking something like this?

point to app.exe
run app.exe
check times between numbers:
123 (.08 secs)
444 ( 1.2 secs)
369 ( 1.8 secs)

So I'm trying to start with this:

import os,sys 
appPath= r"C:\python25\app.exe" 

When I run that, I get a NameError: name 'MZP' is not defined. I'm not sure where that comes from. If I switch pyPath & appPath in os.spawnv, the app.exe runs but I don't think that's the right placement for those. Any suggestions on other functions I need to write the whole program?

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