pls anybody can tell me what is CHECKED AND UNCHECKED EXCEPTION means..

i dont understand this..

pls help me..

Sorry, misread.

Checked Exceptions are exceptions that should be caught by your code.

Unchecked Exceptions are exceptions that are based from RuntimeException and are not expected to be caught by your code. They indicate an unusal Runtime error/condition.

at least that's the theory. A lot of frameworks (and people in general) abuse unchecked exceptions because they're lazy and don't want to write exception handling code.
Their users (and over time they themselves) run into problems because there's now all kinds of things that could be handled terminating applications and they need to add that exception handling anyway without the compiler slapping them on the wrist if they forget about it.

So don't automatically assume that a RuntimeException should be left uncaught. It's quite possible that you can handle it in which case you should.

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