I'm 2 months into a vB.net class at my school and starting to grasp an understanding of programming. I would like to begin with C or C++ after my vB.net class is done or close to it. The point of this topic is to ask for any recomendatios you all have for books or websites for beginers into C and C++. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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Stop by at daniweb. That's the best way to learn.;) Try reading the Sticky at the top of the thread for books n stuff.


Depends what you want to do with C/C++. If you're really serious, buy yourself a good book as described in the sticky thread previously mentioned.

However, you can learn a significant amount from online tutorials, and although they only get you to a certain point, that point is actually far enough to give you a good understanding of C and C++.

Since you're using VB.NET, you'll probably be better off learning C++, as you'll pick up C along the way.

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