Hello all,

I know this is borderline off-topic, but then again QT4 is a C++ based

I compiled QT4.1.1 on a fedora 4 OS.
I finally got all the registration issues worked so that it works in it's native X11 form as an executable.

However codeblocks is having trouble with it. I edited the the paths in the *wizard.script file to reflect the installed base, lib, and include directories, but it still is looking for QtCore4, which does not exist.

I edited the script to look for QtCore (without the 4) which does exist, but it still say it can't find it.

I suppose I would be bettter off if I KNEW what it expected from this directory, so I could find where THAT requirement lives, but I just don't know whrer to go from here...

// Qt4 project wizard

// globals
QtPathDefault    <- _T("/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.1.1");
QtPathDefaultInc <- _T("/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.1.1/include");
QtPathDefaultLib <- _T("/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.1.1/lib");
QtPath <- _T("/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.1.1");

function BeginWizard()
    local intro_msg = _T("Welcome to the new Trolltech Qt4 project wizard!\n" +
                         "This wizard will guide you to create a new Qt4 project\n" +
                         "using the Trolltech Qt4 cross-platform GUI toolkit\n\n" +
                         "When you're ready to proceed, please click \"Next\"...");

    local qtpath_msg = _T("Please select the location of Trolltech Qt4 on your computer.\n" +
                          "This is the top-level folder where Qt4 was installed.\n" +
                          "To help you, this folder must contain the subfolders\n" +
                          "\"include\" and \"lib\".");

    Wizard.AddInfoPage(_T("QtIntro"), intro_msg);
    Wizard.AddGenericSelectPathPage(_T("QtPath"), qtpath_msg, _T("Qt's location:"), QtPathDefault);
    Wizard.AddCompilerPage(_T(""), _T("gcc*"), true, true);

// Qt's path page

function OnLeave_QtPath(fwd)
    if (fwd)
        local dir         = Wizard.GetTextControlValue(_T("txtFolder")); // txtFolder is the text control in GenericSelectPathPage
        local dir_nomacro = VerifyDirectory(dir);

        if (dir_nomacro.IsEmpty())
            return false;

        // verify include dependencies
        local dir_nomacro_inc = GetCompilerIncludeDir(dir, QtPathDefault, QtPathDefaultInc);
        if (dir_nomacro_inc.IsEmpty())
            return false;
        if (!VerifyFile(dir_nomacro_inc + wxFILE_SEP_PATH + _T("QtGui"), _T("QApplication"), _T("Qt's include"))) return false;

        // verify library dependencies
        local dir_nomacro_lib = GetCompilerLibDir(dir, QtPathDefault, QtPathDefaultLib);
        if (dir_nomacro_lib.IsEmpty())
                                                                                                                                           1,64          Top

I know you guys use this IDE, so I'm sure SOMEONE has the answer!

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