I have a complicated problem at hand, and im open to any suggestions for solving it.

Im working with a program called Psi which is written in C and has the GUI in Tcl/tk. A guy working on this earlier added 2 functions to get and set some properties of the program [in C]. The functions are straightforward.

I built the executable in Cygwin.

Now i need to extract values from these function using Python. I thought of using SWIG to generate the wrapper code. I would need these values at run-time. what are my options for this.

Would i need to link the additional files with the existing files, and build the executable again? the swig tutorial for windows said that i would need to build a dll to be used with the .py file, so that it can use the additional functions, written in C.

I experimented with swig, and for simple examples [standalone programs] it worked fine . Now i need to do this on windows, and ive never worked with dlls before. I have a vague idea abt what to do but im not sure of it. So could someone please help me out with some suggestions.

Here is some information. For more info you can google for your question. Writing a dll is just too complicated to fully explain here. Read some of the google links.

How to interface a DLL with python is probably best to post in the phthon board.

Thanks for the links... ill post this on the python board for dll interface issues.

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