Good day everyone. Please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum/context but I am seeking some assistance which i have been unable to find anywhere. Im currently in the hopes of being able to add a drop down to a particular column each time a row gets added to a listview.

When a person clicks on that first cell in that column, an arrow appears. If a person clicks on that arrow, a drop down menu opens providing that person with options.

What would be the easiest/best way to go about doing this?

Thanks in advanced.

Best bet would be to create a custom activex control comprisin of a listbox, image box and a combo box.

Essentially when the user clicks on a row move the imagebox (displaying an arrow)
to that row.
If the image box is clicked then set the combo box to the position of that row.

You will need to keep track of the index of the list box and the column