hi there everyone. I have a kinda confusing assignment this week. the question is "Write an Applet for formatting inserted data".

Now, i can't understand the question and the prof is not very kind. Please help in explaining me the logic. I am not asking for any code, all i need to know is what am i supposed to do...accept data and format it in what way ?:-|

Thanks for reading this post.

Depend how mutch you actualy already done in your lectures. It can be as simple as integer to double & oposite, mixed character string to lower/upper case.
On other hand if you already use applets you may ask to do simple word editor, where either you provide text and user can edit it, or user will type and edit text as he/she wish

In my experience teachers are usually very nice to pupils who show an interest, and not just sit there being disinterested during classes and then get barely passing grades at best because they didn't put any effort into their coursework.

They like being appreciated as much as the next guy.

Ya i think ur prof asked u to do like a Notepad in Windows XP...

In notepad u can insert manually all kind of datas via keyboard input....... and u can edit all those input using notepad edit.....

I think ur prof asked u to do...Simple Notepad Editor using applets where u can type,delete,cut,copy and paste

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