I might as well back up and start from the very top.

Does anybody know the best way for me to learn this language (from python), because I none of the tutorials I have tried work for me (I feel like I'm moving backwards here, and that's unnerving).


any suggestions on how I should learn this?

..I'm going back to python for now.

i leant VB.NET using "Visual Basic 2005 Step By Step" by Microsoft Press. If there is a c# version available then i would hughly recommend it

Scru (me again:)
I suggest reading Inside C# by Tom Archer and Andrew Whitechapel from Microsoft Press.

Also another good book is Programming C# with Visual Studio .net 2005 by Jeffery Suddeth.

I purchased mine through Amazon.com
I have a large library of C# books, but these two are my recommendations for getting started. Based on the questions you have been asking... these should really help.

DaniWeb is a great place for beginners. It helped me get started. That is why I am paying back by answering some questions.

The next level up (IMO) is Code Project which has fantastic example code, with some really good authors, then at the top of the scale (again IMO) Experts Exchange for when you have a real technical problem to solve.(requires a subscription). I have found that typing c# and some topic on the google search line I get some really good hits. Most of the time, I end up in either MSDN or CodeProject.


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There's no point trying to make comparisons with python, or any other language for that matter.

Approach c# as a brand spankingly new language and you won't go wrong.

Thanks guys. Do you think buying one of those books would be a good investment? (seeing I'm not a working man, I'm still in college)

Apparently the one by Jeffery Suddeth is the only one available to me (from Amazon, those on Microsoft Press aren't being sold anymore O.o).

One more thing, Jerry...as you said you have a huge library, do you have Microsoft Visual C# Programming for the absolute Beginner"? The reason I ask is because I own the coresponding one for python (just replace the MSVC#) and it didnt teach me everything I know, but it taught me enough to feel comfortable with the language...also the approach was kinda fun.

So do you know if MSVC# is anything like that?

Anyway thanks all you guys for helping this guy figure out how to go about learning a spanking new language.

P.S. That intellisense thing is pretty awesome huh???;)

yeah. a book is always a good investment (im a student too)

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