Which is the best book or site for learning JAVA perfectly?
What should i install on my PC to learn programming in JAVA environment??
I dont know anything abt JAVA. I am just a beginner. please help me out


nothing perfect...

Best bet is to download a development enviroment like JCreator or Eclipse and find some online examples. Really depends on what you want to do with java. There's plenty of books on Java that you can get from a library or buy online.

I am sorry to disagree, but learning on an IDE is not the way to go.

You should learn the basics (compilation, execution, jarfile packaging, classpath manipulation, basic syntax, etc.) using a simple text editor and the command line.

Whenever you do it the other way, you learn some hard lessons the first time a problem occurs, or the first time that you do not have your preferred IDE to use, because you won't have a grasp of those basics, and so will be lost as to what might be causing the problem, or as to how to do something in another IDE, since all you will know is how to manipulate your preferred IDE not what it is you are actually manipulating.

Other than, simply starting at the Sun totorial site, with "Getting Started" and working your way down the page, is sufficient to at least get started. Also, when it comes to doing the examples, type them do not cut and paste them, you will learn much more that way, whether you believe it or not.

have a look at Netbeans there site has tutorials for the ide too

Netbeans is crap as an IDE, and even worse as a learning device.
You'll end up learning the tool, where all the buttons and wizards are, rather than the language.

Anyone can click and drag something together that looks halfway decent, but that doesn't make them programmers.

I am a begginer and i know very little about java language. Can somebody start me off by showing me how to write a payroll program. Thank you in advance.

buy Robert Martin's "Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices".
He uses a payroll system in some of the chapters as an example.

Mind it's an advanced text but if you have a "prof" as you claim elsewhere you'll be a university student on a highlevel course and should have no problems with it.

i am agree with my friend : MAsijade
who said Not Learning on an IDE like Eclipse
to Conquest on Java you should Do some Consequative Works :
1: first you should install JVM (java viryual machine) , you can download it from java.Sun.com , it's free of charge
2: then , you should begin to read a toturial Book , and two best of them i think is a) Deitel And Deiltel and b)bruce eckel -->thinking in java3: Enjoy java, Practice more
these three steps really works friend . that's for real
Be lucky

Even I suffered with the same when I was beginner . You start understanding the basic concepts from any of the above mentioned book . First go through the foundations and then move ahead with the examples. Try to code as much as possible . Once you'll be good in basic coding then you can download some small project codes from the net and start understanding them .....the day will come ,where you will answer your friends queries in Java.
Read basic and try to understand code :

Its some thing difficult for u to understand when start at netbeans or else. U plz start from basics by JAVA2 complete reference after having some basic knowledge about oops and the structural behaviour of java u can try ide...........

hello friends i am also a new learner of java i found 2 things for start very good
1)complete reference
2)net help i.e. various examples and tutorials available such as roseindia(best) said by u and 1 of us said jvm to be installed all programming practice makes perfection
but i want to know for strings concept to be cleared which book i should refer or a site.
i am trying to write a program which takes string and a character to remove from that string and print the string with blank space i hv search in a net my code which replaces string by blankspace is showing error can someone plz guide me...............
thanks in advance.................

start a new thread to ask a question and then post your code and any (and all) error/compiler messages along with a complete and concise description of expected behaviour versus actual behaviour.

prash_study: the last post was over 3 years ago. kind off doubt he didn't find anything yet

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