I have 3 files that i have included in a project(class,implementation,program) The program will not compile. it says system can not find specified file. Should i save all these files in the project folder or ... . It's my first time using project to write a class and all that.

Which IDE are you using ?

The process normally involves creating a new console project (if thats what you want), adding the required header and source files to it (preferably in the same folder). The header and the source files are generally added by right clicking on the project name in the left window or whereever your IDE hosts it and then adding the required files by specifying their path.

If you're using command line for compilation add -I<include-path> option where include-path is the path that has your header file.
Another option (quick-fix) is to give full path e.g. #include "/home/nayrb/include/my_header.h"
Don't make this a practice.
Finally if you're using some IDE, answer SOS's question. :)

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