I have ben programming for about 6 monthes but never done real graphics!! I was wondering, how i could implement graphics into a program??
If this helps any i am using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition...

Depends what you are trying to do with graphics. There isn't a standard way to do console graphics, although you can use the WinAPI to accomplish it if you choose.
Here's a sinppet that accomplishes this: http://www.daniweb.com/code/snippet173.html

The other way of doing graphics is through a Windows GUI application, which means you will have to display a Win32 window before you can draw graphics in it.

>yeah you can either do plain old win32 or mfc
MFC is actually a WinAPI wrapper, so either way you'd have to use the Win32 API.

and he can't use MFC because VC2005E doesn't support MFC.

Perhaps MFC classes are available, but we cannot do something like double click and write code. I never used MFC but I just saw an option in VC2005Ex to include MFC library.

What kind of graphics ? Graphics as in related to games or graphics related to GUI widgets like buttons, image boxes, text boxes etc. ?

you can use MFC in VS2005 express if you install the Platform SDK . I do this myself

not according to the MSDN forums...

Why would you want to use MFC is more to the point?

You've got all the libraries already there to do really anything you want with 2d graphics.

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