I am a begginer and i know almost nothing in java. our prof has asked me to write a program that computes 50 employees salary (normal,overtime and bonuses) ,print the result and keep a back up. can somebody please help me write the code.

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I think he means "help me by writing the code for me" when he says "help me write the code"...

And no, we're not going to do that.

Your teacher (only universities can have professors, and those won't touch introductory programming courses) will have explained what you need to know during your classes, and it is also in the books and handouts you have for your course.
So get started and when you get stuck on details come back and we'll see what we can do.


try to Write some Code for Yourself , and Yes , i am sure that there is nobody here in this Forum To Write A code For you , we Can Help you to do it ,
first declare some Variable for example SAlary , Employee names (array of String ) and some other that you needs
then write a method to get these Information from User (use Scanner class to do it)
then write a method to calculate the Average , the General pattern of a method is
[public,private,protected] [Return Type] [method name] [(Argumant 1 , arg2 , ...)] {


I'm having a similar problem writing my code. I have completed the layout for the project, its just that I am having some trouble coming up with a code for the mathematical portion of the project. Everytime I try to come up with something, it keep's displaying the same 3 errors. It's a simple payroll program that determines the man's rate of pay. I'm trying to set up as integers as the book tells me to do but just like I said, I keep getting the same 3 errors. The book only gives me a small example of how to set it up as a product and it's not working. If you can give me an example to get myself going, it would be a great help.

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if you won't even try to code the easy ones for yourself, how do you think you'll ever be ready to write the bigger ones?
Start your own thread, with your own effort
Unnecessarily reviving an old thread

(only universities can have professors, and those won't touch introductory programming courses)

The second part is false.

And Chico, post your own thread, post what code you've written in code tags, and explain what problem you're having and what part of the code you're having it in.


The payroll code is usually same for all application. but we have 2 change little bit of code.


How could you possibly have the code when the description he gave was very incomplete. Lol.

which means, practically every piece of incomplete code will suffice ;)

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