Hi all ,

I'm new to EJB Programming. I need your suggestion of which type of Entity bean i can use for my task .

Here's the task i need to accomplish :
I have data in XML now i need to store in SQL SERVER tables which i already created manually ( just field names ) . I need to write a Entity bean program to do that job . I can parse that XML using DOM but i have no idea how to storing it in SQL SERVER .

Example : Data i XML :======== <Employee> <Details> <empid> 100 </empid> <name> parthiban </name> </Details></Employee> Table i have Created in SQL SERVER:==============================Empid || name Final output should be : =================Empid || name101 || parthiibanOther tables have "Empid" as foriegn key Please tell me Which type of Entity bean i should use to accomplish task and i will very thankful if give me some sample coding too to do that job.

Thanks in advance

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BMP are hardly ever needed, essentially they're useful only when you need to connect to a legacy system that's completely incompatible with CMP.

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