Hello. I'm using a JOptionPane to display some application information when the user selects the Help-About menu option.

If the about option has been selected and you click on an alternative application (e.g. a browser) when you return to the application the JOptionPane is lost and the application can't continue. You basically have to shut it down.

Any suggestions how i can keep the JOptionPane visible over the application?

Wow I've never noticed that before. The JOptionPane doesn't really disappear. It's there, just not on the Task Bar, so you'd have to use <Alt> + <Tab> and you'll be able to switch to it.

These one more thing to do with the display.. I just can't seem to remember it. Perhaps it doesn't really matter in your case, though if you are experience some weird behaviour with your JPanel, post again...


Alt-tab works but i'd like for the jOptionPane to display without any effort so the user doesn't think the app has crashed.

Problem solved!

I just used the JOptionPane setRootFrame(Frame newRootFrame) method, which seems to have anchored it to the main application window.