Hey, I'm doing a project with Python right now and am wondering what the heck a "/n" command does?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm looking in a my python book and it says when using multi-line strings,

"You can think of a text file as a string that happens to be stored on disk. Of cource, a typical file generally contains more than a single line of text. A special character or sequence of characters is used to mark the end of each line. There are numerous conventions for end-of-line markers. Python uses a single character called newline."

"You can think of a newline as the character produced when you press the <enter> key on your keyboard. Although a newline is a single character, it is represented in Python using the special notation '/n'.

Hope that helps you out. It was under the "Multi-Line Strings" section.


My typo. I meant \n. /n is dividing by whatever n=.

On Windows XP.

On windows xp it's /r/n which is the new line scheme for windows!

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