Hey every1...........i need to know dat which of the library is used in VC++ for graphics interpretrion...
Can any one help me......????????????????????????????????????????????/:rolleyes:

windows.h contains all the functions you will need for win32 api programs. If you have used functions in graphics.h, then forget everything you learned because ms-windows programming is completly different.

I used windows.h ....But i dnt have full command on it...
More over i have added a lobrary in link settings which is winmm.lib..
but still no use ........I have to use the diffrent comands.
Can any one of u can help me in learning hose commmands of wondows.h??????????

Here is one tutorial to get you started. If your intent is to write games then you should probably use one of the graphics engines, such as DirectX SDK which is free for download from Microsoft.

THANX BUDDY..........MAy i know ur name??

His name is 'good old Ancient Dragon'... :D

I tried downloading it.............I thinkneed a better speed to sownload it.

you might be able to get it on DVD or CD for $10.00 or so if you look on M$ site.

Thanx buddi..

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