Hi guys,
when ive used Turbo c compiler and i wanted to put the program
ona "wait key" status until the user hit sum key , ive used getch(); .
when i try to use this command in Visual C++ 6.0 im getting an error..
Is there a diffrent command to do it that works in vc6 ??

include non-standard conio.h header file.

Thank it works , but way i cant use the other conio.h commands like clrscr() ?

because conio.h is non-standard so not all compilers support it, and some compilers support only some functions. You's use it at your own risk of your program being non-portable to other compilers.

Maybe this link could help how to go about clearing the screen in a

You could also use a simple getchar() instead of the non-portable getch()

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