I'm having major issues trying to do the following: Write a program that reads in a line of text and then outputs that line of text first in all uppercase letters and then in all lowercase letters.

If anyone can help me with that I'd greatly apprciate it.

Have you researched this?
Perhaps, and especially for questions such as yours, you should check Google or some other appropriate search engine for results.

You seem to know the words "Java" and "Uppercase" well enough.
Take a look at this - be amazed:


And can you believe that it was the first result?

Have you researched this?

I second this sentiment, the problem you are asking is one that can be searched for on google quite quickly; however, should you have any more complex problems, or don't understand how to use the API then please feel free to ask.

Just read the API for String. Once you have read the input there are two methods in String that do exactly what you want.

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