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No offence kiddo, but I think you should try vb.net or c#. Changing transparency is as easy as clicking a control in the menu.


If you want to do it the hard way perhaps this.


no thanks, VB sucks

Is C# better than Win32 API?

LOL, depends, as you might already know vb.net and c# sit on a framework. So it won't be as fast as win32.

dotnet is used by many professionals these days. If you want to design rapid GUI applications for windows, with the least amount of hassle dotnet is for you.

There is also java (GUI) as well, which you can use on linux mac and windows operating systems. I assume dotnet will follow suit (mono project etc), it's just java has had a massive head start.



I wanna know if there is any way to make a window transparent using Win32 API

Thanks in advance,


I see lots of possible answers putting the important parts of your question in google...


You could make it really transparent by not drawing it at all :p

lol, no

Em..one more question about C#.

I know you need a framework installed for using C# apps, but Id still like to ask something what might sound stupid.

Are many of "modern" applications writen in C (WinAPI) or C#?

And about DirectX 10. Will be supported by C# or WinAPI?

What about Vista...

Are many of Vista apps written in C#?

BTW: I tried Java alredy, but I dont like it.


Well it all depends what you want to do. Remember there is no black and white answer, only shades of gray.

You can't expect to choose one and hope to everything with it.

Each has their pros and cons.

>Are many of Vista apps written in C#?

I'd imagine vista plans to integrate dotnet very closely, more likely dotnet 3.0 now.

>And about DirectX 10. Will be supported by C# or WinAPI?

When it comes to 3d stuff, although c# has it's 3d libraries I still think the native stuff is best. I.e win32 and or c++.


yes I see...

Thank you very much...

Im sure I will continue working with C++ and WinAPI

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