Does anyone have a solution/c++ code to make bmp images transparent on the fly without having to carry out 2 bitblt operations with the image and it's mask ? We want to develop a game in which there are many moving objects which have to be rendered transparent at new positions.

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This method also uses several bitbld methods, so the lag is very high when you try to draw say 5-6 transparent images. Totally, there are 12 bitbld calls which slows down th game considerably. Any other suggestion ?

Do these images need to move while they are transparent?
I know NOTHING about game design, but I was thinking that perhaps a "faded image" could be called from a file if motion was not required. Then again, the machine would still have to integrate it into the scene somehow.

I'm GLAD I'm not a game designer...too many technical hurdles!
Looks like you might have to invent your own "fast" class methods.
Have fun!

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