hi friends... i need code for notepad program... i'm trying to create a new notepad using c++... i cant complete that... i need code for database connectivity with this program for dictionary use in notepad program.. pls help me guys!!!!!!!!!!

Post your code and specific problem..

MFC has a class that's almost like Notepad. All you need to do is use either VC++ 6.0 compiler or VC++ 2005. About all you have to actually code is the menu items.

Don't know a thing about your dictionary question.

Guessing you mean a file parser for the dictionary. Research tokens and i/o file parsing for using a dictionary-esque rule base of language spell checking in your application.


I think i may have a much easier solution for you, then learning database programming. My solutions is, there is about 200 Spell Checker and Thesaurus Libraries updated daily, and in use, such as Microsoft's VSpell which is actually crap. However, at the following link you will find GNU Spell, InternatialISpell, and many other good ones.

Now also,for your database connectivity. If you absolutely want to complete your own spell checker and/or thesaurus, i would recommend using an xBase database, found at:

then, once you download the xbase package, you just include xbase64.h, and xbdbf.h, and link to xbase64.lib.

then the code follows:

xbXbase x;
xbDbf y( &x);
char * buffer = new char[255];

void GetWord(void);
void GetWord()
    //Open the Database
//Do Something with the field data
delete buffer;

evidentally, you will have play with database structures and layouts, to make it work with your application.

don't forget to close the database when finnished using


also, you will need a dbf viewer and editor to edit the database file, you can get it from here, its free with a nag screen, or 45.00 to buy:http://whitetown.com/cdbf/

Hope some of that helps anyways.
Lance Wassing