I need help in updating a database in MS access using VB....i need only 8 entrises (rows) in the database...all i need to do is delete all the rows in the database and then add the new data....i am delelting the whole data since the no of new entries(rows) maybe more or less then the previous no of entries(rows ) in the database.. plzz help in this..ASAP

'For delelteing the Rows

If Not rstRecordset.BOF = rstRecordset.EOF Then

For a = rstRecordset.BOF To rstRecordset.EOF


Next a

MsgBox "No Data in database", vbOKOnly

End If

'for updating the rows

For i = 1 To 8 Step 1

If txtAgenda(i).Visible = True Then

If Not txtAgenda(i).Text = "" Then

rstRecordset.Fields(0).Value = i
rstRecordset.Fields(1).Value = txtAgenda(i).Text

End If

End If

Next i

this is all i have till now...this is executed on a button click event.

The simplest code I can muster is:

If rst.Recordset.Recordcount > 0 then
Do While not rst.Recordset.Recordcount = 0
MsgBox "No Data in database."
End if
For i = 1 to 8 step 1
If txtAgenda(i).visible = true AND txtAgenda(i).Text <> "" then
rst.Recordset.Fields(0).value = i
rst.Recordset.Fields(1).value = txtAgenda(i).Text
End if
Next i

HEy thanx...thats a neat solution.....THANX ALOT