I have a little problem
The program is OK, but I can not print out:
QUESTION is how can I print out (class Test).
I mean How can I write toString()methode.how can I print out "myTable"
and the out put must be
like this:
Audi blue 180
Volvo red 120
Ford black 137
Saab white 125
I mean this toString() in class car must print out
every thing both in class car and class carTable.
but toString methode is just in class Car not in Class carTable.
calss Test{
Car c1 = new Car("Audi", "blue", 180);
Car c2,c3,
CarTable myTable= new CarTable();

myTable.addCar(new Car("Volvo","red",120));

myTable.addCar(new Car("Ford","black",137));

myTable.addCar(new Car("Saab","white",125));

class Car{
public Car(String model, String color, double power){
public String getModel()
public String getColor()
public double getPower()
public void setModel(String model)
public void setColor(String color)
public void setPower(double power)
public String toString()//?????????????
class CarTable{
public void addCar(String model, String color, int power){
myCar[nbrOfCar] = new Car(model, color, power);
public void addCar(Car newCar){
myCar[nbrOfCar]= newCar;
public Car getCar(int n){
return myCar[n];

>but toString methode is just in class Car not in Class carTable.
So define it for carTable.

Hi again!
I wrote wrong about toString. I mean How can I write toSting methode.
It make no difference where we write the toString methode, but important is how can I print out the class Test.