What I am looking to do is to provide the user (who runs my program) with a list of devices that they can pick from. You can do this with an Open File dialog if you click on "My Computer". What I want to know is how I can set up the dialog before the user opens it to prsent this list. How would you do this in C++? Have you seen it done before?


I want one of two (or both) solutions.

#1) I already have a custom File Open dialog program written where I am able to make sure that the user selects a directory and is not allowed to input a filename. Now I just want to know how to set up this estantiated FileOpen class so that it will first come up with the "My Dialog" area showing.


#2) I want to create a drop-down menu that only shows the devices for the user to pick from. In other words, just the C drive, the D drive, etc.

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See the OPENFILENAME structure and GetOpenFileName() function They already have the options you want.

And here is a drive picker MFC class. Download the source code for this project and it will show you how to get the list of drive letters that are available on the computer.

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