Hi people. I've been writing a little application and I want the user to be able to exit a form by pressing ESC key. I have tried a this so far but no joy:

Private Sub frmMenu_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
    If KeyAscii = 27 Then
        KeyAscii = 0
    End If
End Sub

I have tried a few different things but can't seem to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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If you're trying to unload a form, your code does not show any part of unloading. You can add the Unload Me somewhere in your code.


to exit the form by hitting the escape key .... u need to change the attributes ... no code required.
change the esacpe key to true in the attributes


hey frmMenu is the name of the form

Yes, I know. I tried creating a project with a form named frmMenu and placed the code. It didn't work. I replaced frmMenu_KeyPress with Form_KeyPress and it worked. Just sharing my experience.:)


ohhho ........... then jus try it stanwaka. These thinghs tend to work out sometimes. ANd v cant explain it. Even this might work.


You can place a Command Button in the form and set it's Cancel Property to True. In the Button_Click Event write
Unload Me

To give the illusion of the Escape Key working directly on the form, set the Button's visible property to false

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