Okay, now that I consider myself to have decently mastered Python/Tkinter (or at least I'm no longer a complete noob), I'm turning my attention to the web.

I'd love to be able to program applications that can be run easily via web sites (especially quick experiments). The easiest thing for me would be if I could use Tkinter; I've heard vaguely about being able to embed Tkinter programs into web pages, but I can't seem to find much information on it and thus don't know the truth of that situation.

I also know that it's possible to use Python with CGI, which is something that I could maybe do -- although it seems like it might be limited in terms of being able to, say, display stimuli at 500 ms intervals. I'd also have to brush up on my HTML and figure out how to work with a server.

Are there any other possibilities for me? Which would you recommend?

Any direction on this?

Hi, no, I'm afraid not. I never found anyone who could help, nor any books on the subject. If I ever do manage to get something working, I will post about it.

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