i want to grab the currency value from bloomberg, this is a part of bloomberg html. I want to get USD-SGD value, in this time the value is 1.5198. How can i grab it using c language?
please help me, because after this, i will translate to dynamic c...

<td bgcolor="#D2E1E8">NZD-USD</td>
<td bgcolor="#D2E1E8" align="right">0.7388</td>
<td bgcolor="#D2E1E8" align="right">
<span class="changedown">-0.0032</span></td>
<td bgcolor="#D2E1E8" align="right">
<span class="changedown">-0.4313%</span></td>
<td bgcolor="#D2E1E8" align="right">00:23</td>

<td bgcolor="white">USD-SGD</td>
<td bgcolor="white" align="right">1.5198</td>
<td bgcolor="white" align="right">
<span class="changeup">0.0038</span></td>
<td bgcolor="white" align="right">
<span class="changeup">0.2540%</span></td>
<td bgcolor="white" align="right">00:23</td></tr>

thanks in advance

You could write a full-blown HTML parser, you could use somebody else's HTML parser, or you could use a cheapo solution that looks for strings like NZD-USD and walks their way forward through values.

And you'll need to grab the page from the webserver, too.

I'm not sure what you're asking -- is there some particular part of this process you need help with?

i think you can connect to the page via sockets programming in c.
and then try parsing the page like seaching the currency values.

i using microprocessor RCM3200 for server, so i don't using computer. The microprocessor just using dynamic c. I think i can see html as text, so i can parse it.
anyone has a sample script similar/like my problem?

thank you...

I work with rcm3200 and i work with HTML, only send the text
by the port 80 like a tcp string. you don't need format the text... ...