I have a s1.txt like this :


Now I want to read each character of a each line ...do some analysis and then read each character of the next line ...do some analysis ...so on till EOF.

How do I go abt this?

Well ...I jus wrote a simple program to read a file as below:

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <fstream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
    //char sum = 0;
    char x;
    ifstream inFile("s1.txt");
    if (!inFile) {
        cout << "Unable to open file";
    while (x != '\n') {
    while (inFile >> x) {    
        cout<<"x = "<<x<<endl;
    return 0;

Doing the above ...I get the entire file as output ... why is'nt it stopping execution as soon as it hits a newline as I mentioned in the first while loop? After I get the first line ...how do I parse through it to analyse each character in the line?

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You can use strtok function using string.h
It helps u to get the string tokens based on the delimiter u give.

You know there is also www.google.com where you can search for words like "C++ split line"
or "C++ tokens"...
Or use RWCTokenizer..

a. read one line
b. strip off unwanted chars (non-printable/whitespace/,)
c. analyze the remaining chars.
repeat a,b,c till end of file.

struct is_2b_thrown_away
  bool operator() ( char ch ) const
  { return !isprint(ch) || isspace(ch) || (ch==',') ; }

void process_file( const char* file_name )
    ifstream file(file_name) ;
    string line ;
    while( getline( file, line ) )
       vector<char> chars ;
       remove_copy_if( line.begin(), line.end(), back_inserter(chars), 
                                      is_2b_thrown_away() ) ;
       // analyse characters in vector chars

Mostly what vijayan121 suggests
a. read one line
b. analyze each character
c. do what you need with each character
repeat a,b,c till end of file.

string line ;
while( getline( file, line ) )
    for (i=0; i < line.length(); i++)
         if (line[i] ...)    // look at each character and process it accordingly
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