Dear god. this is driving me crazy. I'm working on an assignment involving inheritence, multiple classes, etc. I'm stuck at one stupid part. I have to write a toString method that formats the text. Is there a way to return a string with formatted text? I know about the printf method, and I can get that to work fine, but just with System.out.printf... I don't know how to return a formatted string.. Is it even possible?

What i need is I have someones name, first and last, then their age, but the ages of the people have to line up in a column. Make sense? The names & ages are one object, & the multiple people are in array of people objects... so i have a for loop that will go through and print each person one at a time. So how do i pad the age correctly & return it to the calling method?

I would just say forget returning the string and just simply print it out, but I need the same method elsewhere to write to a file also.

so, what i need to end up with is something that looks like this

Name                      Age               other stuff            more stuff
Bob Someguy                42                   blabado                   3.14
Guy Two                    38                   dododod                   1234

nice neat columns n' stuff...
I appreciate any thoughts...

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