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>as i missed the lectures and practical classes involving that..
You "missed" them? And the instructor as well as your classmates refuse to offer any help at all? That seems somewhat suspicious. Anyway, it's difficult to help you without seeing some kind of attempt because we can't judge your level of ability without seeing code.


Hey BOb,
i,ve finished this assignment ..
i can change that 4 u..

having problems on how to start doing this program as i missed the lectures and practical classes involving that.. so any help on how to start the program..do the table and plot the position of the projectile would be appreciated a lot..the file is attached . thanks a lot..


Read the rules!

Do not post homework problems expecting a quick answer without showing any effort yourself. This especially pertains to the software development forums.

>tell me your offer...
This isn't rent-a-coder, and we don't do other people's work for them. Please don't ask for payment in any form for your help and please don't post full solutions.

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