Hi all;

I have to control wheter a string is an array element or not.
I tried to exists function but it didn't give me the desired output.

print "Which hotel do you want to remove from the list?\n";
        chomp($a = <STDIN>);
       if(exists $name {$a}){

       foreach $record(@name){

       if($record eq $a) 
                delete $name[$j];
                delete $rayt[$j];
                delete $comf[$j];
                delete $kitchen[$j];
                delete $act[$j];

                print "\nThe record couldn't find...\n";

When I try to remove a hotel name (which is already exist) from the array, it prints "The record couldn't find..."

Thanks for your helps....

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Your code is hard to understand. You appear to be checking for the existence of a hash key:

if(exists $name {$a}){

even though the syntax is a little messed up (a space between $name and {$a}) it probably still works.

but then you are using aray syntax when you try to delete later on, such as:

delete $name[$j];

square brackets [] are array indexing, curly brackets {} are hash keys. So I can't tell what it is you are actually trying to do by looking at your code. Are you removing something from an array or a hash?


Sorry for the late reply...

As regard as my question, I 've not any problem about deleting something in an array or a hash.

I just wonder how I can use exists function in an array??? (not in a hash.)

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