I need help trying to compile and test this code, but I keep getting the error: template is incomplete, can not parse field.

Here is my code:

using namespace std;
template <class T>
class my_istream_iterator
        typedef charT char_type;
        typedef traitsT traits_type;
        typedef basic_istream<charT, traitsT> istream_type;
        typedef input_iterator_tag iterator_category;
        typedef T        value_type;
        typedef diff        difference_type;
        typedef const T*    pointer;
        typedef const T&    reference;

        my_istream_iterator():is(0), pred(false) {}
        my_istream_iterator( istream_type &s ):is(&s) { read_next();}
        reference operator*() const
            return current;
        pointer operator->() const
            return &(operator*());
        my_istream_iterator& operator++()
            return *this;

        my_istream_iterator operator++(int)
            my_istream_iterator temp = *this;
            return temp;

        bool my_equal(const my_istream_iterator &x) const
            return (pred == x.pred) && (!pred || is == x.is);

        T current;
        istream_type *is;
        bool pred;
        void read_next()
            if( is == NULL || (is >> current))
                is = NULL;

template<class T>
bool operator==(const my_istream_iterator<T> &is1, const my_istream_iterator<T> &is2)
    return is1.my_equal(is2);

template<class T>
bool operator!=(const my_istream_iterator<T> &is1, const my_istream_iterator<T> &is2)
    return !is.my_equal(is2);

    vector<int> v;
    my_istream_iterator<vector<int> > is(cin);
    my_istream_iterator<vector<int> > eof;
    copy(is, eof, back_inserter(v));
    copy(v.begin(), v.end(), ostream_iterator<int>(cout, "\t"));
    cout << endl;

can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong and how do I make the template complete?

Thank You,

Your types are all screwed up. You use charT, traitsT, and diff without defining them, for instance.

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