Im looking for a network library for c++ cos Im planning to write a small network application. something along the lines of a port scanner.

I would be interested in knowing which library most people use and what is recommended.

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Sounds very specific requirement. Donno if some free (of cost) library available for this. May be there is some licensed one.

Maybe something like this, though I am not very sure.

Maybe something like this, though I am not very sure.

Nah, I think Curl is a bit too limited for the OP's purposes. Curl was built more for file transfer, not port scanning.

Can't think of much, however at least look for something that's C++ based, such as this wrapper for the C berkeley sockets:

thanks for all your replies guys. I looked into curl but it was application level and I require something a little low level.

I checked out the wrapper for berkeley sockets and i think i'll go with this or something like this...

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