I have been searching for a long time, and I cannot remember the name of this swing component that I attached in the image.

It's the one that is captioned "Please input the...." I don't need help on how to implement it (beyond knowing the class name), I just forgot the name and was hoping someone could tell it to me again!


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I think it JPanel with the title border property.

a JPanel containing JLabels and JTextFields

a JPanel containing JLabels and JTextFields

I was talking about the other component, those two I already knew

since I mentioned three... where did I go wrong?

Other thing which is there is layout, to arange components, gives you border and the heading on top of the panel
Plus you can have tooltips for text field, but they not visible on image (if any)

there is no such component, you have to make your own as a composite of the components listed...

The text can simply be set as part of the border to the JPanel, which can also be used to set the bevel.

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