how can i show data into DataGridControl 6.0 by using dao connection method.
Note: database is Oracle 8i.

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I've got a program similar to what u wanted.If u really want this send me a notification mail to me.My email id is :


I donot have oracle installed on my computer. I did this on a sql server database. So before try to run this code u need to configure the controls and do some tasks. Here are the instructions. Just follow these steps :-

1.start oracle
2.create a table with name "information" having the following two fields :-
rollno int, name varchar(25) vb and create a new standard.exe project
4.take two labels,two textboxes,one button,one datagrid control and one adodc control the controls as follows :-
commnad button->cmdadd
6.add captions to the labels as Rollno and Name respectively.
7.right click on adodc1->properties->on first page select use connection string->build->click provider tab and select microsoft oledb provider for oracle->next->enter username and passwd->click test connection(if it displays test connection succeded then ur connection has done)->click ok->goto authentication tab->enter username and passwd->goto recordsource tab->select 2-adcmdtable from commandtype->select the table "information" from the table dropdown list->click ok. After this ur adodc configuration will complete. datagrid control->press f4->select datasource properety and change it to adodc1 or whatever ur control name will be->right click on datagrid control6.0->select retrieve fields->click yes->right click again->select properties->enter a caption->goto columns tab->change captions of the fields to whatever u want to be displayed->click ok. After this ur datagrid configuration will complete paste the following code into ur form module
10.make sure oracle is still running and then run & compile the source code.

If u still got any problems u can mail me or post it here.(I prefer mailing)

Here is the source code :-

Option Explicit

Private Sub cmdadd_Click()
If Trim(txtname.Text) <> "" And Trim(txtroll.Text) <> "" Then
With Adodc1.Recordset
![rollno] = Trim(txtroll.Text)
![Name] = Trim(txtname.Text)
End With
MsgBox "Database updated."
txtname.Text = ""
txtroll.Text = ""
MsgBox "Plz insert some information first.", vbApplicationModal + vbExclamation, "Blank data"
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Adodc1.RecordSource = "information"
End Sub