Hi all, please help me. I need to know how to create barcode labels in a desktop application and then how to print them out. If anybody can provide me with java code, that will be a great help. I have tried my hand on various progs on different forums but no luck. I will really appreciate your quick response. I shall be highly obliged.

Thanks and regards,

there are several libraries available both commercially and for free that will allow you to do that.
If you've not found them you've not looked for them.

And no, we're not going to write your software for you, certainly not before being paid in full in advance at going consultancy rates which currently stand at $150 an hour for a minimum of 2 weeks.

If you search for iText library for PDF in Java you got what you looking for. The library is not only capable of creating PDF from most images, text documents, HTM and XML but is able to do some barcodes work. Also there is very good documentation to it with nice examples

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