I am a freshman in college, and I am a computer science major. I am looking to co-op/intern this summer and fall, and I was wondering what a good entry level job would be, like thier duties and responsibilities. I am posting here becuase I know more about c++ then any other lang.

A good entry level job will give you a lot of exposure to existing code and the people who wrote it. That way you can read code, maintain code, and learn from more experienced programmers. A good entry level job will also put you in a position to watch and possibly participate in the design and initial implementation of projects. Look for jobs that put an emphasis on expanding your skillset rather than just filling chairs with code monkeys.

But an intern is different. For an internship you want to find a place that will make you responsible for part of a real project. That way you can show off your skills and still gain valuable experience.

Thanks a lot Narue, you always have good answers :)

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