currently i have joined in a software company in bangalore.
i have knowledge in jsp and servlet.
in my company core java is needed.
i dn have tat much knowledge in java .
kindly help me to get source code from online.
wat r the websites available.
how to do the project.any idea.
your views are welcome.

thanks& regards

tell your boss you lied on your job interview and you don't actually have the skills he thinks you have.
He'll do what is best for the company, which will probably be to kick you out of the building with maybe a lawsuit to recover damages from you.

That's what you deserve, certainly not to have others do your work for you so you can make your boss think you actually know what you're supposed to be doing.

It only means that you don't have knowledge in jsp and servlet too. You can't know those before learning core java. You still have time to learn it but your post stinks of laziness. Get some books and start reading before doomsday arrives.

Please tell me (I really want to know) how it is you think you have "knowledge" in jsp and servlet when you don't have knowledge of core java? That is patently absurd and practically impossible. Unless your knowledge of them is that you know they exist and that you know something of the maintenance of a few particular application servers. (Which, of course, still means that you have no real knowledge about jsp and servlets.)

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